Hanging Growlers at SingleSpeed Brewing


  • Christmas BEER(s)-list

    DEC. 23, 2015

    CMMS- (Cocoa Mint Milk Stout) - Pub (16 oz) - $5 The utilization of Cacao Nibs, Sidecar Coffee Roasters Espresso and organically grown mint leaf make this Milk Stout a true original. Milk Stouts...

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  • List O' Beer - 12.17.13

    DEC. 17, 2013

    Five beers strong tonight, with another to introduce Wednesday, and yet one more on Thursday or Friday. Here is what we are pouring now + what we will be pouring as the week plays out....

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  • One Beer Enters

    OCT. 04, 2013

    One beer enters, one beer departs: IPA Gone-A-Rye joins the mix this weekend. It is what it is, an American IPA slapped in the jaw with some rye malt - spicy! Brewed X 2 Coffee Brown is on its...

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  • A Belgian & A Blonde Walked Into a Brewery.......

    SEP. 04, 2013

    …what happened next? Well here is the ending, two fresh beers started pouring: a Belgian Pale Ale and our American Blonde featuring locally harvested honey. Brewed X 2 Coffee Brown Ale...

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  • Heads Up Seven Up

    AUG. 02, 2013

    Belgian Witbier - Pilsner (14.5 oz) - $4 or Hefe (20 oz) - $5Our fifth effort at an interpretation of the traditional Belgian Wheat style. Brewed with Pilsen malt and healthy doses of both oats and...

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