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One Beer Enters

Posted on October 4, 2013 in SingleSpeed Brewing

One beer enters, one beer departs:  IPA Gone-A-Rye joins the mix this weekend.  It is what it is, an American IPA slapped in the jaw with some rye malt - spicy!  Brewed X 2 Coffee Brown is on its last few gallons.  Get it while you can!


Triple Double (Double IPA) - Tulip (13 oz) - $5
Stylistically a Double, but in a dry hopped world a Triple.  A massive volume of hops (Chinook, Centennial, FF 7C’s) squeezed into this beer.  Patiently they sat in the BrewKettle awaiting first wort.  Later they splashed in a handful of times during boil.  Finally they rallied for three separate hop additions late.  It Was A Good Day when this beer was born, so get ready, this hop-forward offering is prepared to come big, no #$!*#@% around. 
OG: 1.077, IBU: 81, ABV: 8.4%

Oktoberfest - Pub (16 oz) - $4
A classic, rich lager brewed true enough to style to make a full blooded German smile.  Intense malty flavors are bountiful and presented in a disturbing smooth manner.  Prost! 
OG: 1.062, IBU: 27, ABV: 6.0%

Pilot Basil - Pub (16 oz) - $4
Crafted with the aid of Trevor from Broad Street Brewing (Reinbeck).  A cordially hopped American Pale Ale infused with locally harvested honey (Shell Rock) and fresh basil (Waterloo). 
OG: 1.060, IBU: 38, ABV: 6.6%

Brewed x 2 - (American Brown Coffee Ale) - Tulip  (16 oz) - $4
Two of the worlds best merge, as Ale and Java become one.  Our American Brown Ale unites with locally roasted and cold extracted Ethiopian Sidamo (Sidecar Coffee Roasters) in what is best described as absolute goodness.  Each sip brings forth a velvety smooth blend of cocoa, coffee and cream.  Good morning!!                                             OG: 1.062, IBU: 30, ABV: 6.7%

Belgian-Style Pale Ale - Tulip (16 oz) $5
A modestly hopped pale ale fermented with a Belgian yeast strain.  Awash with floral and spicy aromatics, a disciplined, sweet-tempered maltiness, and a mellow hop bite.    
OG: 1.056, IBU: 35, ABV: 5.8%

Tricycle - Pub (16 oz) - $4
Resting upon three wheels pointing in different stylistic directions sits this hybrid of an ale.  Wheel #1 spins toward a cream ale, another approaches a wheat, and yet a third rolls near a pale ale.  Working together they drive Tricycle to a slightly sweet and citrusy state backed with just enough hop bitterness to remain upright.  Ride On!
OG: 1.052, IBU: 28, ABV: 5.8%

IPA Gone-A-Rye - Pub (16 oz) - $5
An American IPA shaken up by the unusual presence of malt complexity nearby.  Unintimidated by the spiciness of rye, or the intensely smooth maltiness of the barley, the hops persevere and shine through contributing fruity, citrusy notes.  An intricately balanced, profound ale that finishes by embracing the standard IPA bitter bite.  *Fresh hopped with locally grown Cascade hops!
OG: 1.052, IBU: 28, ABV: 5.8%

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