Our Team


Our team. The people you trust to craft and at times pour your beer. If you didn't know a little bit about us, well it just wouldn't feel quite right. Here we are...

Kalleigh Begg

Kalleigh Begg

General manager

Favorite Beer Style: Kolsch! Specifically Beer Mile. SO dang good.

Best beer memory: Anytime pouring beers on the patio. Also marrying a brewer. ;)

Hobbies: Thrifting, long walks, playing Animal Crossing, and patio hangs with my pups and best friends.

Kegan Bakken

Kegan Bakken

Kitchen Manager

Favorite Beer Style: IPA

If I’m not at SingleSpeed where are we likely to find you? Lol. Like I’m ever not here.

If you aren’t enjoying a SingleSpeed creation, what beer are we likely to find in your hand? Either Bell’s Two Hearted or Deschutes Fresh Squeezed, Maybe Black Velvet if it’s been a long day.

Hobbies : Reading, Video Games, Hanging out with friends, Walking my dog, Taking naps

Anything else fun: B.A. in Anthropology from UNI (class of 2012). Been working in restaurants since age 15. I enjoy talking about the future and how to save the world one beer at a time.

Morgan Pike

Morgan Pike (Pikey)

Business Development Coordinator 

Favorite Beer Style: Pumpkin Ale, Marzen (lager), Fruity Hefeweizens, Sours

If you aren’t enjoying a SingleSpeed creation, what beer are we likely to find in your hand? Schlafly Pumpkin Ale or Christmas Ale, Moody Tongue Frozen Banana Hefeweizen, most any sour or Märzen.

Best Beer Memory: Sampled my first craft beer (Millstream Amber) from my manager’s beer at Mulligan’s and I learned a whole new world of beers. Now I consider myself a beer snob #Goals.

Goals: Becoming the best version of myself I can be, and always keep my sarcastic bank full.  Humor makes the world go round. 

Soleil Morgan

Soleil Morgan

Assistant General Manager

Favorite Beer Style: Kettle Sours and fruited sours

Best Beer Memory: Working beer mile every year :)

Hobbies: I like to journal, go to wine tastings, and walk my pups❤️