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Christmas BEER(s)-list

Posted on December 23, 2015 in SingleSpeed Brewing

CMMS- (Cocoa Mint Milk Stout) -  Pub (16 oz) - $5  
The utilization of Cacao Nibs, Sidecar Coffee Roasters Espresso and organically grown mint leaf make this Milk Stout a true original.  Milk Stouts begin more sweet than the standard American Stout and this one is no exception.  A full bodied, creamy beer carrying with it wave upon wave of joyous flavor.  Happy Holidays!  
OG: 1.077, IBU: 42, ABV: 7.5%

IPA Blanco (White IPA) - Tulip (16 oz) - $5        
You have an affinity for Witbiers, Wheat Ales, and IPA's? Hmmm…so do we. As a matter of fact, we enjoy each style to such a degree that one morning we elected to brew all three - at once. Prepare to revel in the outcome. The foundation for IPA Blanco is laid by traditional Belgian Wit grains (Pilsen / White Wheat / Oats) and spiced with cracked coriander, orange and grapefruit zest. Hops bound straight out of an IPA recipe (Cascade / Centennial / Columbus) and the yeast straight off a batch of American Hefeweizen. This fusion of beer styles results in a hazy, spirited brew proud to be part of the American Nanobrewery Hybrid Ale Revolution.
OG: 1.064, IBU: 67, ABV: 7.0%

Tricycle (Cream Ale) - Pub (16 oz) - $4
Resting upon three wheels pointing in different stylistic directions sits this hybrid of an ale. Wheel #1 spins toward a cream ale, another approaches a wheat, and yet a third rolls near a pale ale. Working together they drive Tricycle to a slightly sweet and citrusy state backed with just enough hop bitterness to remain upright. Ride On!
OG: 1.052, IBU: 32, ABV: 5.9%

It's CLASSIFIED (American Double IPA) - Tulip (13 oz) - $6
As big as we have gone, but don't tell your palate, as it would never know.  This 10.2% ABV American Double IPA is blessed with the drinkability of it's typically much more approachable sibling, the Amercian IPA.  Filled with fruity, piney aromatics and flavor notes.  Happy 3rd Anniversary to all and to all a good night!!!!
OG: 1.088, IBU:62, ABV: 10.2%

Simple Saison (Saison) - Tulip (16 oz) - $5
An intriguing yet relatively straightforward take on a Belgian Saison.  A rocky white head greets you visually while hints of spice and lemon zest float in the surroundings.  Light in body, but full on flavor -  clean notes of citrus and a clove-like spiciness intertwine on your palate before guiding you to a dry, crisp finish.
OG: 1.058, IBU: 20, ABV: 6.6%

T.C.H. Amber (Amber Ale) - Pub (16 oz) - $4
A malt-forward offering.  Yes, you read that correctly, it says malt-forward  I know, apparently we lost our focus for a day.  Enjoy MaltHeads, enjoy.
OG: 1.055, IBU:26, ABV: 5.9%

Saison Sanguine (Saison) - Tulip (16 oz) - $5
The inclusion of hibiscus flower in this Saison has two effects, both beautiful.  
First, it contributes an unconventionally cool reddish hue.  Secondly, it provides a peaceful tartness that plays well with the sweet-tempered hop profile (Amarillo, Mandarin Bavaria).  The finish is quintessentially Saison, dry and crisp.
OG: 1.057, IBU: 34, ABV: 6.3%

Elevated Pale  - Pub (16 oz) - $5
An American Pale Ale built on a sturdy base of Vienna Malt just large enough to lift the ABV to an elevated state.   Modestly hopped with a Chinook, Citra, Simcoe blend.
OG: 1.064, IBU: 35, ABV: 7.3%

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