SingleSpeed Brewing Solar Panels on Roof in Waterloo Iowa


Without hesitation, we knew early on that our desire was for this project to gain (LEED) Certification.

The question of how to balance sustainable design with historical preservation quickly presented itself, as those two concepts can at times be in conflict with one another. Our answer was to lean on smart people, people much wiser than ourselves. We invited a team consisting of LEED, energy, and historical preservation experts to join in the project and allowed them the freedom to guide the development of our construction plan. With their help, we restored a building in accordance with the Secretary of the Interiors standards for Historic Preservation, while utilizing an integrated design focused on water and energy efficiency.


Let’s face it. The brewing process is inherently water-intensive. We monitor our water consumption religiously and have placed submeters throughout our production facility to help us maximize water efficiencies throughout the brewing process, whether it be wort production, tank cleaning or floor scrubbing.


If we had a bigger roof we would have more solar panels, but like many, we make due with what we have. A 101 KWh solar photovoltaic (PV) array was installed atop our new facility in the Fall of 2016. From it, we offset nearly 100% of our brewing operations.


We are always searching for ways to limit the use of all things energy. Variable speed drives on motors and pumps helps. So does the use of High Efficiency (LED) lighting, motion sensors and timers, and the creation of an environment with abundant natural light. All of that adds up, but trust us, we aren’t done yet. Watch us as we continue striving to lower our reliance on any non-renewable energy source.  

LEED Gold 2017 - Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design

What is LEED?

LEED stands for "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design".

LEED-certified buildings are resource efficient. They use less water and energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As an added bonus, they save money.

SingleSpeed Brewing Co. was awarded LEED Certification status of Gold in October of 2017.