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List O' Beer - 12.17.13

Posted on December 17, 2013 in SingleSpeed Brewing

Five beers strong tonight, with another to introduce Wednesday, and yet one more on Thursday or Friday.  Here is what we are pouring now + what we will be pouring as the week plays out.  Cheers!

HopHefe (American Pale Wheat Ale) -Tulip (13 oz) - $5
A hop-forward, high ABV American Wheat Ale.  Mildly malty, possessing hints of bread dough and wheat flour.  The prominent citrus tones are intricately woven with subdued floral, fruity and earthy notes.  Hop bitterness is mellow, but loud enough to require a mention in print.  
OG: 1.067, IBU: 33, ABV: 7.3%

Flight 051 (American Pale Ale) - Pub (16 oz) - $4
The Horizon / Falconer's Flight 7C's hop additions yield a gentle bitterness and a wallop of citrus.  The accompanying four grain malt bill rounds out this easy drinking, flavorful beer.  
OG: 1.055, IBU: 46, ABV: 5.8%

Brewed x 2 - (American Brown Coffee Ale) - Tulip  (16 oz) - $5
Two of the worlds best merge, as Ale and Java become one.  Our American Brown Ale mingles with locally roasted and cold extracted Ethiopian Sidamo (Sidecar Coffee Roasters) in what is best described as absolute goodness.  Each sip brings forth a velvety smooth blend of cocoa, coffee and cream.  Good morning!!

Lil' Sister (Black IPA) - Tulip (13 oz) - $5 
Our original Black IPA's younger, kinder and gentler sibling.  This girl will smack you in your mouth, but with an open hand.  The primary bitterness is contributed by Nugget, while Nelson Sauvin and Cascade furnish the hop flavor and aromatics.  She is stabilized by subtly roasty notes with hints of sweetness, coffee and cocoa.  
OG: 1.068, IBU: 74, ABV: 7.1%

SingleHop Cascade (American Pale Ale) - Pub (16 oz) - $5
The first in a set soon to be famously known as the SingleSpeed SingleHop Series.  Each beer will utilized a multitude of grains and brewing techniques, but just one hop variety.  Variety #1, the much heralded Cascade is place assertively into this American Pale Ale.  Citrusy and floral, balanced by a sweet maltiness and nutty, biscuity notes.
OG: 1.060, IBU: 40, ABV: 5.6%

Belgian Witbier - Coming Soon -  Pilsener (14.5 oz) - $4 or Hefeweizen (20 oz) - $5
Effort #6 at an interpretation of the traditional Belgian Wheat style.  Brewed with Pilsen malt and healthy doses of both oats and wheat.  Spiced with coriander, chamomile, orange and grapefruit zest.
OG: 1.059, IBU: 18, ABV: 5.9%

Big Wheel Anniversary Ale - Coming Soon -  Tulip (13 oz) - $5
Brewed to commemorate SingleSpeed’s survival of a full calendar year as your Nanobrewery.  Based upon our best selling beer (Tricycle), but this hybrid ale goes next level.  We are calling it a Double Dry Hopped Double Cream Ale, you can call it whatever you like.  Cheers!
OG: 1.079, IBU: 38, ABV: 8.7%

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