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Pint Night Ride (06.18.20)

Posted on June 11, 2020 in Waterloo

OK, we're gonna give this a shot.

Consider this a 'test run' for what may or may not become the Pint Night Ride Series 2020.

Join us for a socially distanced, leisurely ride for a bite to eat and a beverage or two.

Utilizing some of the Cedar Valley’s best (and flattest) trails, ride your bike with new friends each ride. Register/check-in at  Bike Tech and your first beer will be on the SingleSpeed /  Bike Tech tab.

Upon arrival at SingleSpeed we will request that you follow our standard social distancing protocols.  If you have questions in regards feel free to reach out to - she will do her absolute best to provide you answers.

This ride is proudly brought to you by SingleSpeed Brewing Co and Bike Tech.


  • No more on-site registration.  We WILL NOT be offering iPads and computers for onsite registration.  Registration must be done in advance  or on a personal device.  We will have a QR Code, or similar, posted at Bike Tech to speed the process.
  • Bike Tech staff will be handing out beverage tokens outside after verification of signed waiver.  Riders will not be allowed in the Bike Tech without a mask.  Please keep general browsing to a minimum so that the Bike Tech staff can safely work with non-PNR customers.
  • Bike Tech staff will begin handing the out tokens at 5:00pm.  You are free to begin your ride at that time.  Last token will be handed out at 6:15.  We have lengthened this amount of time to decrease the amount of congregating riders at Bike Tech.


  • Token Dispersal: 5:00pm - 6:15pm at Bike Tech (217 Washington St - Cedar Falls, IA)
  • Departure Ride to SingleSpeed:  you are free to take off on your own once you grab your token
  • Food, Fun, & Drink:  arrival until 8:30pm
  • Return Ride to Bike Tech:  8:30pm 'group' start from SingleSpeed 


  • Signed waiver at Bike Tech
  • Helmet (no helmet, no ride)
  • Lights, front and rear (no lights, no ride)
  • Love of bikes, trails, & beer

Ride Dates:

HOORAY NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS! - This year we hope to again partner with some of our favorite, local non-profit organization.  If we do so, we will be donating 10% of all food & beverage sales generated in our Waterloo taproom (4pm-10pm) to each group each week.  We obviously want to see you on your bike with us, but whether or not you choose to pedal, grab your friends, your family, your whatever you want to socialize with, and come our way in support of the local organizations working hard to make life a little better for us all.  

June 18
Partnering Non-Profit: Iowa Public Radio
Live Music: NA

July 2 (tentative)
Partnering Non-Profit: TBD
Live Music: TBD

July 16(tentative)
Partnering Non-Profit: TBD
Live Music: TBD

August 6 (tentative)
Partnering Non-Profit: TBD
Live Music: TBD

August 20 (tentative)
Partnering Non-Profit: TBD
Live Music: TBD

September 3 (tentative)
Partnering Non-Profit: TBD
Live Music: TBD

September 17 (tentative)
Partnering Non-Profit: TBD
Live Music: TBD

October 1 (tentative)
Partnering Non-Profit: TBD
Live Music: TBD

October 15 (tentative)
Partnering Non-Profit: TBD
Live Music: TBD

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