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SingleSpeed Brewing Co. PakTech Recycling Program

Posted on October 26, 2021 in Waterloo

PakTech Recycling

Did you know that these plastic little Can Carriers can’t always be recycled in your curbside bin? They are lightweight enough that they can get classified as paper in recycle centers, therefore contaminating the entire recycle stream.

Check out this short video on how PakTechs are made, and why it's important to recycle them:

What we are doing about that: 

We are collecting any & all PakTech plastic can carriers so we can recycle them properly. We don't mind if the PakTechs are from our beer, or any other brewery... we want 'em all!

Don't worry, we are not reusing these. We are simply recycling them correctly to make sure they can enjoy their new recycled lives as flower pots, benches, or even more PakTechs!

Why you should bring them into our TapRoom:

Aside from you feeling good that you did your part to better the planet in a small way, there is more...

We are beginning a PakTech Recycling Program! That's right, you bring a stack of PakTechs in to our TapRooms, and we'll stamp a card for you.

You bring in 5 stacks? You get a beer on the house! 

Are there any official rules? 

There are a few rules...

  1. A stack = At least 10 PakTechs... but don't let that keep you from bringing in more!
  2. You can only receive 1 stamp per day. 
  3. Five stamps = 1 FREE Beer. 
  4. That's it! Happy recycling!

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