When Cherry Met Cheesecake

When Cherry Met Cheesecake

Dessert-Inspired Sour

That moment when……

All the best stories begin this way right?

Anyhow, we witnessed a pair of flavors meet at an intersection. 

The interaction that ensued sent them on a path forever forward together.

When Cherry Met Cheesecake combines a few of our favorite things.  

Cherry (both sweet and tart), and vanilla bean, all gathered in a gently tart, inviting, American Sour Beer setting.  

Enjoy the get-together


  • Huell Melon
  • BREWERS MALT, WHITE WHEAT, blonde roastoat
  • american Ale
  • LACTOBACILLUS,  LACTOSE, sweet cherry puree, tart cherry puree, vanilla bean
  • 5
  • 1.071
  • 5.4%