Wales - From the Save The Whalez Bro Series



Bro, we’re back!  On this edition of Save the Whalez, Bro, we enlist the services of our good friends at Sidecar Coffee Roasters.   The story begins with Jed tossing twenty-some pounds of green (un-roasted) coffee into a recently retired Cedar Ridge Whiskey barrel.  Following a three month rest, he releases them from their oak constraints, roasts and coarsely grinds.   At this time we make the introduction to our porter, using cold extraction to pull the coffee goodness forth, resulting in a depth of flavors few whales have ever experienced.

Save the Whalez Bro Series Sidecar Coffee Roasters


  • palisade, east kent goldings
  • Pale ale, victory, aromatic, pale chocolate, roasted barley, caramel 40L, flaked oats
  • american ale
  • Barrel-aged coffee (Sidecar Coffee Roasters)
  • 31
  • 1.065
  • 6.1%