Third Lime's a Charm

Third Lime's A Charm

American-style Kettle Sour

Community-based partnerships, boy how we love 'em.  This particular instance incorporates another of our favorite concepts, collaboration.

In the Spring of 2017 we provided the University of Northern Iowa Panther Scholarship Club (PSC) the opportunity to auction off, to one individual, the right to inspire, and help create, their very own small batch beer. The recipient, let's call him Chris, then led discussion about his vision for a Key Lime Pie focused sour ale.  Intrigue was immediate. Cheers to both Chris for this wonderful idea, and to all of you out there supporting local organizations like the PSC - your efforts make our community what it is. 


  • Palisade
  • pilsner, vienna, white wheat, golden naked oats, carabrown
  • american ale
  • lactose, lactobacillus, lime
  • 14
  • 1.046
  • 3.7%