The Devil is in...

The Devil is In.....

American Pale Ale

….the details.  The creation of anything great, anything possessing a level of beauty capable of leading others to stare with longing for, or pride in - the creation of that ‘thing’ takes crazy attention to detail.  Now often times a mysterious element is woven into the process, oh so cleverly hidden, that the eye of the common overlooks this crucial piece, but believe us, it is there.  So whether you are talking in relation to a district within a community, or liquid within a glass, remember, both creations came to be because some inspired soul, perhaps many inspired souls, paid extreme attention to detail and inserted just a little bit of magic.


  • citra, Mandarina bavaria
  • brewer's two row, aromatic
  • east coast dipa
  • flaked wheat, flaked oat
  • 46
  • 1.050
  • 5.1%