Grisette 2.0

Belgian Style Kettle Sour

No, not Mr. Brady's wife. This sessionable, Belgian Saison-like sour is light in ABV,  heavy in character. The recent resurgence of the Grisette-style  has a lot to do with it's easy-drinking, delightfully tart and refreshing flavor profile.  Our passion to continuously innovate means we rarely brew the same beer twice. Batch two of Grisette features Hallertau Blanc dry-hops, lending a floral and white wine character that perfectly compliments the subtle tartness. Which do we like better you ask? More research needed... 


  • Horizon, hallertau Blanc, hallertau mittelfruh
  • pilsner, white wheat
  • belgian Style saison
  • none
  • 26
  • 1.041
  • 4.6%