Gable - Munich Helles



Gable.  One word can say so much.  In our city, few words, if any, resonate with the force Gable does.  In commemoration of his Olympic triumph (Munich - 1972) we’ve crafted a beer much more approachable than adversaries found Dan to be on the mat.  Clean, crisp and GOLD.  We can’t think of a more fitting tribute. * This test batch was brewed with Briess Synergy Select.  More of a test for the Synergy than the Gable, we all know how good he is already.


  • Magnum, Spalt, Hallertau Mitterfrüh
  • Pilsen, Vienna, Aromatic
  • German Lager
  • None
  • 21
  • 1.051
  • 5.1%