Switchback - Singlespeed brewing give back program

Donation Requests

We embrace the opportunity to work with organizations fighting for the greater good.  In particular, those focused on initiatives centered around Environmental Sustainability, Local Human Services, and Outdoor Recreation.

Almost always, our donations are made in-kind, so let us know how that applies to your situation. There are legal parameters we must stick to when donating alcohol, and we will let you know if they come into play. To assist us in making our choices, we ask that you read the following guidelines and fill out a short form below that will tell us more about your event.  

There are so many great causes out there, and because of that we, unfortunately, cannot accommodate every need.

We will respectfully decline the following types of requests:

  • Any coming from a group lacking  501(c)(3) Non-Profit status
  • Those that require an entry fee before providing the donation
  • Amateur/Intramural Sports Teams
  • Religious organizations/schools
  • Motorsport activities
  • Networking events, Mixers, Conferences, Reunions
  • Grand Openings/Store Launches

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