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Yes We Can

By Dave Morgan on May 31, 2018 in SingleSpeed Brewing

Yes We Can

What began over 5 years ago, in a 1700 square foot facility in Cedar Falls, IA, continues today in both spirit and in body. 

It is a fact that we have not arrived here without first encountering setbacks. We acknowledge them. We are, to a degree, thankful for them. Following each, we paused, we reflected, and we reset. Then we again moved forward, cautiously proceeding down a path more wisely chosen than the one selected before it.

We’ve listened to each of you while on this journey, when your voice has carried encouragement, but especially when it has been in disagreement. There exist those who have not concurred with every decision we have made, but few who argue with this one.  

A new era for SingleSpeed Brewing Co. is at hand, and together we shall make it one we are all proud to call our own. 

Yes We Can.

We are presenting to you, this Summer, a fresh option for your refrigerator, a fresh option for your campsite cooler. We want you, with ease, to enjoy the same Tip the Cow you sip at your favorite dining establishment, while floating down the Iowa River, while tending to your garden. Can we make that a reality?

Yes We Can.

Twelve aluminum carried ounces at a time, we are about to enter Iowa homes, state parks and waterways. The excitement is palpable. 

Our journey has not been free of challenges, and we know more lie in the road ahead, but today, today is a time to embrace a pint of ale, grateful for where we currently sit.   

To those that actively support Independent Craft Beer - we thank you.

To those that have yet to try our liquid - we encourage you.

And to all those that have been walking with us from the very beginning, we cherish you.

Remember, we could not have done this without you, our future does not exist alone, but together, yes we can.

Yes We Can.

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