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RAGBRAI Route Announcement Party 1.25.14

Posted on January 23, 2014 in SingleSpeed Brewing

Throwing a little party as the RAGBRAI route for this upcoming Summer is announced.  We will be streaming the announcement live and launching a beer to commemorate the occasion.

SnowBike 2014 (Belgian IPA) meets the public for the first time that evening.  It’s another of our hybrid beers, and of a style still considered to be evolving by most knowledgable people in the brewing community.  Our take is built around Pilsen, Pale Ale, Aromatic and Caramel malts before being hopped with varietals and quantities any American IPA would be proud to call their own.  

Iowa Bike Coalition members will be eligible to win some door prizes provided by our buddies at BikeTech.  We just might toss out some free beers as well.  If you are yet to join the Iowa Bike Coalition you will be able to sign up that evening if you so wish.

Ride On! - Dave 

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