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OneSpeed goes OneHop: The SingleSpeed SingleHop Series

Posted on December 5, 2013 in SingleSpeed Brewing

Hops.  Blending them is an art.  Blending the then created hop blend into a beer recipe is an extension of this art, and becomes more complex as each potential ingredient is contemplated.  To know to how to blend a brewer first must know exactly what bitterness, flavor and aroma individual hop varieties contribute.  Where does one learn this so that effective blending can be achieved?  Textbooks?  Sure.  Aisle 16 at your local wine & spirits store?  You bet.  The internet. Absolutely.  At your local brewery?  Without question.  That is where we step in.

Introducing the SingleSpeed SingleHop Series.  Each month we will roll out a new beer that has been granted access to just one hop variety.  All types of hopping processes will be incorporated (first wort, boil additions, whirlpool, dry hopping, etc,) but never will a second type of hop be utilized.

Cool experiments, a great learning opportunity for both brewer and customer.  We are excited.  Now on to the beer.

SingleHop #1 - Cascade (APA)

Cascade, why did we choose Cascade?  Because we love it for starters, but the reasons are many.  It is the quintessential American Pale Ale variety, widely recognized for its’  medium intensity grapefruit, citrus and floral contribution.  A wonderful aroma hop, but also a great flavor provider and can effectively bitter an APA.  So Cascade it is for SingleHop #1.


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