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October Beer Launch Schedule!

Posted on October 15, 2015 in SingleSpeed Brewing

Ok, so our weekly BrewDebut series has gone a bit sideways lately and for that we apologize.  We have been messing with a couple lagers, which has slowed production a touch while also selling more beer that we ever have before.  That lethal combination results in this terrible beer shortage we are in the middle of.  Now for the good news.  We have beers coming!  

Here is our upcoming schedule of fresh batch launches:

10.17 - The Imperial Flop (American Double Porter rested on Montmorency Cherries)

10.24 - IPA Blanco (White IPA)

10.24 - Helligkeit (Altbier) (proud member of our Save the Whalez, Bro Series)

10.28 - Victory Dance (American IPA)

10.31 - Cooperate (American Double Stout featuring barrel aged coffee and bourbon oak chips)

Good-good stuff people, good-good stuff.


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