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Four Years

Posted on December 13, 2016 in SingleSpeed Brewing

It’s been a ride guys, it truly has been a ride. With more fun laid out in front of us in future days, today we are taking a moment to look back a bit, to reflect, and to enjoy a pint. We hope you do the same. We can’t say thanks for the support loud enough or long enough for you all to hear, but know that we truly appreciate each and every person that has visited our Tap Room to enjoy a pint. We shall see you all soon. 

Four Years (American Double IPA)
Four Years Survived. Four Years Matured. Four Years Wiser. A BIG THANK YOU goes out to each of you, as pint by pint, you got us here. Today, in celebration, we hope you raise a glass of our Anniversary Double IPA with us. Cheers to you.  Cheers to the future. Cheers to Four Years.  OG: 1.071, IBU: 72, ABV: 8.1%

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