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Do the Dance

Posted on October 29, 2015 in SingleSpeed Brewing

It has returned and dare we say better than ever?  Come on by for a pint of our Victory Dance, share your thoughts, and perhaps even join in the dancing.  We plan on celebrating this beer until the tank goes dry and would love some company!

Victory Dance (American IPA) - Tulip (16 oz) - $5
Brewer Shirts may not have been discarded, BrewHouse backflips not attempted, but don't think we aren't dancing in our own little way.  Not so much that we lost either our or this beers balance though.  A tropical, citrusy, floral blend of hops brings you hints of apricot, peach and grapefruit.  Crisp and refreshingly refreshing.  
Group Hugs all around.  
OG: 1.059, IBU: 67, ABV: 6.5%

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