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Collaboration #1 - Sidecar Coffee Roasters

Posted on February 20, 2013 in SingleSpeed Brewing

A lonely tweet in the night,  semi-blindly reaching out in search of a local partnership.  That is where this beer began.  The hope was to find a party interested in contributing to the creation of a new beer/coffee concoction.  This hope was not misguided and neither was the tweet.  

A few short months later here we sit, comfortably, with a Brewed x 2 firmly in hand.  

This American Brown Coffee Infused Ale is the first of what we hope will be many collaborative small batch efforts between SingleSpeed Brewing Co. and locally owned Sidecar Coffee Roasters.  It is available for purchase beginning this week, with a bit of a launch gathering scheduled for Saturday, February 23rd, around 3 PM.  Dave (SingleSpeed Brewer) will be on location handling the 2 PM brewery tour (open to the public). A brief discussion about the Brewed x 2 will follow and  Jed Vander Zanden from Sidecar Coffee Roasters will be gracing us with his presence.   Feel free to join us and fire away with questions about beer, coffee, etc.



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