Switchback - Singlespeed brewing give back program


We understand that our interactions shape our community, and our community shapes our interactions. In order to be fully supported in our community, we must work to create opportunities to our community to consistently grow. It’s a cycle.

When contemplating a name for our philanthropy program, we found ourselves thinking about the amount of good a simple switchback can offer:

  • A switchback is a term often used by outdoor enthusiasts such as hikers, cyclists, trail runners, etc.  If the slope of a hill is too steep, a series of 'switchbacks' zig-zagging up the hill allows for the incline to be less intense, while still allowing the occupant safe passage to the top.  
  • Switchbacks also help with slowing down trail erosion, allowing for those who follow that path at a later date to still have a navigable route.   

A general observation: a switchback offers sustainability for those on the path upward, as well as for those who hope to travel in the future.

Donation Wishes

We are happy to help out great causes, especially those centered around Environmental Sustainability, Local Human Services, Education, and Outdoor Community Enhancement.

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Partnership Proposals

Sometimes a situation requires a mountainous effort, and we need to look to one another for partnership. If you have ideas about how we can help you with more than a single donation, we’d be honored to hear your request.

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Non-Profit Meeting Spaces

We offer use of our private room to non-profits for no fee on Mondays. These requests are handled by the private events manager, and require the Private Event Form to be filled out. Requests are filled on a first come - first served basis.

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Pint Night Rides

Once again, we are inviting area organizations to join in on the fun!  Our goal is to have each night dedicated to a local non-profit whose mission aligns with our own beliefs.  A percentage of our gross sales for the evening will be donated to the cause. 

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