Our team


Our team. The people you trust to craft and at times pour your beer. If you didn't know a little bit about us, well it just wouldn't feel quite right. Here we are...

Dave Morgan - Brewer & Founder

Dave Morgan

Brewer / Founder

Favorite Beer Style: American Sour

If you aren’t enjoying a SingleSpeed creation, what beer are we likely to find in your hand? Something sour or something #IABrewed

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Austin Myers

Austin Myers (aka Lil’ Squeezy)

Head Brewer / Director of Cleaning Chemical Dosage

Favorite Beer Style: Pale Lagers

Best Beer Memory: Backpack beers while hiking through Southern Germany with friends.

Hobbies: Beer, gardening, cheering on the Iowa Hawkeyes and Bayern Munich, defeating Zach (New Guy) and his wife in board games.

Jeremy George

Jeremy George

Assistant Brewer

Favorite Beer Style: Saison

Best Beer Memory: Traveling to craft breweries in Wisconsin over the course of several days with my girlfriend, Blair.

Hobbies: Camping, playing video games, homebrewing, eating pizza

Zach Schroeder

Zach (aka New Guy)

Assistant Brewer / Austin’s Reluctant Co-Worker

Favorite Beer Style: Gose, IPA, Berliner Weisse

Best Beer Memory: My 21st birthday @ SingleSpeed

Where are we likely to find you if you aren’t at SingleSpeed? At home in front of my computer or Des Moines visiting friends and breweries.

Tyler Wallician Green

Tyler Wallician Green (aka WG)

Beer Server / Conductor of FOH Awesomeness

Favorite Beer Style: Saison / Farmhouse

Best Beer Memory: Two days spent hopping from brewery to brewery in Chicago

Ryan Gilbert

Ryan Gilbert (aka Rynocapotamus)

Assistant Brewer / The Set Up Man

Favorite Beer Style: IPA, Sour

Best Beer Memory: 2016 Iowa Craft Beer Festival

Where are we likely to find you if you aren’t at SingleSpeed? In my parent's basement, eating potato chips

Hobbies: Travel, visiting other breweries, gaming, Instagram

Charles Barden

Charles Barden (aka Sleazy C or Chazzle Dazzle)

Laboratory Technician / Assistant Brewer / Boss

Favorite Beer Style: IPA

Where are we likely to find you if you aren’t at SingleSpeed? On a soccer field

Hobbies: Soccer, lifting, reading, philosophizing

If you aren't drinking a SingleSpeed beer, what beer are we likely to find in your hand? Pulpit Rock, Sierra Nevada, or Surly

Best beer memory:  Drinking with the yeastie boys on the beautiful SingleSpeed patio