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Mo Honey Mo Problems

Mo honey Mo Problems

An Iowa brewing collaboration with the guys @Pulpit Rock (Decorah, IA). Mo Honey Mo Problems is a SingleHopped American Blonde (Mosaic) featuring Mo Iowa Honey than we have ever dropped in an ale.

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Weekly Events

Thursty Thursday And HammerRide

Hammer Ride is a FREE guided bike ride (16-22 mph) for 90 minutes (Tuesday at 6:15pm). Thursty Thursday is a professionally coached, individualized, group workout (Thursday at 6:00pm leaving from Runner's Flat). Then afterwards participants are welcomed to congregate at SingleSpeed Brewing.

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Brew Debut

Brew Debut at SingleSpeed Brewing

Every Wednesday from 4-6 p.m. join us as we unveil a fresh batch of beer each and every Wednesday.

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