Tip the Calf - Session Milk Stout

Tip the Calf


The display of science in our little brewing lab never ceases. This beer tackles classical physics. When all other variables are constant, small masses take less effort to tip than their larger counterparts (Calf vs Cow). Feel your IQ rising yet? Good. Now go ahead and #TipOne, or in this particular case, perhaps you should #TipTwo #SessionAle  

Save the Whalez Bro Series


  • Horizon, Nugget
  • Brewers 2-Row, American Chocolate, Pale Chocolate, C 60, Roasted Barley, White Wheat
  • American Ale
  • flaked oats, flaked barlEy, Lactose, Ecuadorian Cacao Nibs, sidecar coffee roasters espresso
  • 31
  • 1.057
  • 4.5%