DDH New England IPA

As we have continued to grow as a brewery, so has the breadth of our search for inspiration.  Effort 006 within our Nimble Series not only takes you on a trip to the clouds, it was essentially born up there.  

In a matter of days last Fall we paid visit to Seattle (WA), the Yakima Valley, Denver (CO), and Germany, all in effort to bring the best liquid experience possible back to Iowa.  

In the process of chasing greatness, our humble BrewTeam has become quite the crew of Jetsetters.  We hope you enjoy the fruits of their travels.


  • El dorado, amarillo, azacca
  • brewer's malt, bonlander munich 10L, malted oats
  • dipa
  • beta aroma extract, flaked wheat
  • 44
  • 1.057
  • 5.8%