Community of Change


We love our community. We love it more every day thanks to the efforts of the people that make it so great, those that believe in ideals that we hold dear and those that promote things that we love.

Conservation. Preservation. Outdoor Recreation. Bike Advocacy. That is why we aim to partner with groups focused on keeping our community moving forward, guided by principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability.


We are the Enablers. The Builders of the systems of soft trails in the Cedar Valley. We are the Cedar Valley Association of Soft Trails, but we cannot achieve our goals alone.

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Prairie Rapids Project

The Prairie Rapids Project aims to connect anglers, waders, kayakers and revelers to Cedar Falls' most distinctive feature, the Cedar River.

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Iowa Bicycle Coalition

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition builds partnerships, educates Iowans, and helps to establish safe and enjoyable bicycle transportation and recreation networks throughout Iowa.

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