Funky Good Vibes

Funky Good Vibes Release 'Party'

Drive Through Map

Order online for Drive-Thru Pick-Up:

  • Friday (04/24) 4 PM - 6 PM 
  • Order deadline of Midnight Thursday (04/23)
  • Limit 100 customers 
  • Someone 21 years of age or older must be present in the pick-up vehicle.



Funky Good Vibes, what? 
Well, we are doing what we can to keep spirits high.  In this particular case, we are hoping to 'send you' some Funky Good Vibes, 500 mL at a time. Beer details can be found here.

How do I place an order? 
Visit our online store (link above) and follow the instructions listed there.

Where do I pick my order up? 
Your order will be ready for pick up near our overhead door facing Commercial St.  Please review 'Overhead Map' above.  We know it says Taco Truck Drive-Through, don't let it confuse you.  The premise for Funky Good Vibes Drive-Thru is the same :)

That Overhead Map is helpful, but can you break it down a bit for me?
You bet.  Our advice is to pull onto 2nd Street and follow it around the backside of our building, circling back towards the front, and re-emerging onto Commercial Street from 3rd Street.  This will help avoid a build up of traffic on Commercial itself.  Once back on Commercial Street, continue forward until you reach the last parking spot reaching our Overhead Door area (Labeled 1A on the Map).  Stay in your car, we will greet you there, requesting to see your invoice (order #) and ID (proof of age).  From there you will pull forward to parking spot 1B. Sit back and relax while we grab your Funky Good Vibes, and any other beer that you may have pre-ordered, and deliver it to your vehicle.  

Can I order off of your standard Curbside Food Menu?
Yes, you can, BUT we will not be bringing this food out to your vehicle.  In order to get food this evening you will need to follow our standard Curbside ToGo ordering procedures. That involves a phone call to the TapRoom and a Curbside Pickup.  That will be operating independently from Funky Good Vibes Drive-Thru on Friday Night. 

Can I add beer to my order?
We suggest you do.  

Go ahead and add items directly to your Shopify cart while placing your Funky Good Vibes order. This option will also allow you to order Verve Kombucha, if you are so inclined.  

What do I need to bring with me again?
To receive an order, we will need to see a valid photo ID, such as a drivers license or passport, that states that the recipient of the beer is 21 years of age or older, as well as your order number.  Order number will be sent via email once submitted.

Can I order other beer for Drive-Through pick-up w/out order Funky Good Vibes?
NO, the Drive-Thru is Funky Good Vibes focused, so all orders must include Funky Good Vibes. If you are solely interested in picking up other beer, go ahead and revert to the standard Curbside ordering procedures.  Another option would be to order Beer Delivery that day. We are happy to bring cases to your door.

Can I pay upon delivery?
No, all orders must be paid at the time of checkout. A receipt will be emailed once payment is processed.